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ICS / ICCS Devils retro t-shirt

We have dusted off the old "Devils" logo that was used by ICS / ICCS School in the 70's and 80's, and now have the ability to use our modern day pr...
  • Chad Moreno

Support Sean Payton!

In support of Sean Payton, KillerDye has created the "Payton 2013 - LIFTED" tee. Get yours today and show your support!
  • Joshua McGee

The KillerDye store is live!

We are happy to launch the KillerDye online store. We will be adding additional shirt designs and product offerings soon. We are working on new t-s...
  • Chad Moreno

What we do at KillerDye

Just a quick note about KillerDye, since some have asked "What the are you doing over there?" In short, we are using Commercial ...
  • Chad Moreno