We are currently experiencing supply issues for printable products. Select colors, sizes and styles may not be available or take longer to fulfill.

What we do at KillerDye

Just a quick note about KillerDye, since some have asked "What the are you doing over there?"

In short, we are using Commercial Grade equipment that is designed to print on textile materials, using ink formulated for that purpose.

This is not a standard issue ink jet printer system, as it may seem. The durability of the prints are comparable to traditional screen printing, except we have the ability to print full color process on garments.

Our equipment setup and our experience in design allow us to provide a great product that will meet our standards and be a product we are proud to stand behind.

Thanks to everyone for the support so far, I think we have a great product and we are ready to get it out to our customers.

--The KillerDye Team

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  • Chad Moreno