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About Us

KillerDye, The origin of a Louisiana T-shirt company.

KillerDye was born out of natural progression. Started in February 2012, KillerDye is a business venture for Chad & Kim Moreno.

As the owners of a web design and development company for 20+ years, we have expanded or services over the years to accompany the needs of our clients.

In that progression, we have become a full service design company with 4 employees. While we primarily focus on web development services, we do logo design, print design and found ourselves helping our clients with a wide range of design services.

One service we are often asked to do is t-shirt design. We have some traditional screen print experience and understand the t-shirt print process.

Once we discovered the DTG (Direct-to-garment) machines we knew there was a new service our company could offer. A company that could build of off our current business, design experience and knowledge.

KillerDye.com is Located at 1214 Common Street in Lake Charles, LA and is managed under the parent company of Data.sys, Inc.